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    Outside the lines we find space to surprise - Orfee Barthier

    LD-TEAM is a multidisciplinary team with a passion for architecture, scenography and engineering. Its primary expertise, accumulated throughout more than 60 projects, is water-related. In these projects, water is shaped with a variety of purposes in mind - from athletic to recreational to wellness - and matters of health, sustainability and fun at heart. As such, the team puts water at the service of exclusive experiences, always assuming an attitude of co-creation with the customer. The athletic expertise of LD-Team, however, does not limit itself to water alone, but stretches beyond, as exemplified by over 20 sport venues already built.

    LD-ARCHITECTURE is comprehensible, aesthetic, functional and stands in harmony with its surroundings. The projects tell a multilayered and constructive tale of adventure and experience. They give shape to contrasting dualities, a dialogue between spaces, cohesion and potential, always with the aim of increasing user comfort. This translates into an architecture that presents itself as inviting, adaptable and timeless.

    LD-OFFICE takes sustainability seriously. As designers, we play a crucial part in ensuring that our buildings hold a positive impact on their users and their environment. This starts in our own office, with our own sustainability policy, including initiatives such as Groen@work, Bio@work and Bike@work.

    LD-HISTORY starts with our founder Luk Derycke’s very first water-related project in 1987: the aquatic playground at De Warande in Kortrijk (Belgium). This project became the impetus for our current portfolio, 90% of which is comprised of athletic or recreational water projects. In 2015 Orfee Barthier, who first joined the team in 2001, took over Luk Derycke’s managerial position. She fulfils this role with great passion.

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