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    Swimming pool Duinenwater
    Knokke-Heist, Belgium

    Commissioning authority

    AGSO Knokke-Heist


    Sportoase Duinenwater NV


    25 m pool, teaching pool, play areas, water slides, wellness area, changing area, cafeteria, gym

    Our responsibilities

    architecture, water treatment, interior design

    Engineering office

    Technum - Tractebel - Engineering (structural analysis & technical equipment)

    Date of completion


    Building cost (excl. VAT)

    ± € 21.250.000


    Rotor Group (RG), Groep Sportoase NV (SO)


    The pool complex is located in the green environment around the so-called Put van De Cloedt, a former sand extraction pit in the Flemish seaside town Knokke-Heist. Its visual qualities are in line with those prescribed for the residential development of the Duinenwater site.

    The building is characterised by its use of neutral materials (whitewashed masonry, terracotta tiled roof) and a volumetric design that harmonises with its surroundings and the coastal architecture of Knokke-Heist. Some key and valuable features of the project are the raised terrace and the large windows overlooking the pond.


    This one building houses an extensive pool complex, a cafeteria, a dance hall, a spinning room and a gym. The pool area is comprised of different yet interconnected zones: a 25 m athletic pool, a recreational area with water slides, a multipurpose pool used for group activities, a play area for children and a separate space for rest and relaxation.


    The athletic pool, as well as the body-mind pool can function autonomically, ensuring that there’s enough peace and calm for sports and teaching activities. In addition, there’s a vast recreational complex, including five water slides, a water playground, a wave pool, a wellness pool, saunas, steam baths, an ice cave and a jacuzzi. A variety of atmospheres stimulates a new experience in each area, fluctuating between active and passive yet never losing sight of the overall and shared experience.

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